Sakata Guitars

The following is an excerpt translated into English from “Acoustic Guitar Magazine” of Japan, Spring Issue, Volume 40, 2009:

The priority is music. An instrument is a necessary tool to express that need. – Hisashi Sakata

Luthier Profile:

Hisashi Sakata was born in Yamanashi, Japan.

He began playing guitar at age fifteen. A professional singer/songwriter himself, he has been working side by side with many renowned guitarists in Japan.  Sakata humbly calls his guitars “replicas” of famous and highly praised historical models of Martin and Gibson guitars. However, many skilled guitar players of Japan praise Sakata’s original usage of high-quality materials, skills and creativity in design and construction in his  “re-creation” of these superb musical instruments.

Sakata’s guitars are masterpieces on their own–instruments far surpassing simple “replica” guitars from years past.